The Yoga Box OKC + GreenStrength

A primal strength and vinyasa yoga studio collab you won’t find anywhere else

Introducing Primal Vinyasa Flow

Hialee Howard, owner of The Yoga Box OKC, created and specializes in Primal Vinyasa Flow.

Vinyasa Flow is all about the connection of your breath and body movements: breathe in to enter the pose, breathe out and transition. Primal movement is highly functional, ground-based movement derived from functional fitness and martial arts disciplines.

The combination of body and breath awareness creates flow. The additional use of primal transitions provides connection to the earth, and creates strength and balance quickly and efficiently. Our instructors apply this marriage of functional movement and vinyasa yoga for every fitness and skill level, using intuitive cues that even beginner yogis understand.

The Yoga Box OKC is movement and strength training that connects with instinct. You already know how to do this. Come see us and we’ll help you further develop that connection.

About the Yoga Studio

The Yoga Box OKC is a boutique strength and yoga studio, in collaboration with our partners at GreenStrength, inside The Arsenal.

Our classes are very individual goal-focused. It’s more like personal training than group fitness.

Classes range in size from 5 to 20 people, but we always make sure to offer modifications and tips to individual students. We know their stories, their goals, and their journeys, and we are close to our students and want them to succeed.

Meet Our Instructors

“It’s a truly natural form of movement that is empowering and requires a student’s full attention, immersing them in that flow state.”

Hialee Howard, owner and creator of Primal Vinyasa Flow

Meet the owner of The Yoga Box OKC, Hialee: a passionate and experienced instructor and coach with a unique approach to movement training. With a foundation in vinyasa flow, Hialee’s teaching style incorporates primal movements with classic vinyasa flow to create a versatile and dynamic practice that promotes strength, mobility, and overall well-being.

“I’ve always been very creative with my yoga teaching, so I started incorporating primal movements as transitions when teaching Vinyasa Flow,” Hialee recalls. “I’ve found that Primal Vinyasa Flow incorporates innate movements that beginners pick up on very quickly.”

Hialee’s expertise in biomechanics, fueled by her degree in kinesiology, allows her to guide students in moving with purpose and intention. By understanding the mechanics of their own bodies, students can cultivate physical strength while also promoting mental and emotional stability and growth.

What sets Hialee apart is her dedication to individuality and alignment. She recognizes that every body is different and requires unique attention, and she takes the time to cater to each client’s specific needs. In so doing, she helps her students reduce the risk of injury and create a lifelong journey of movement they truly enjoy.

In 2022, Hialee was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wasn’t a stranger to overcoming challenges, and she says this one helped her realize the importance of health for facing life’s unexpected challenges.

“When I was going through cancer treatment, I was 36 years old and had been teaching yoga, working as a personal trainer, and focusing on functional movement for more than 10 years,” she explains. “I cannot imagine how much worse I would have felt if I hadn’t started out on that treatment journey without already being healthy. You just never know what’s going to happen, and when you’re healthy, you have an advantage. Throughout cancer treatment, I still moved almost every day. Even if I was home recovering from chemo, I tried to stay active, even if it just meant laying in a supine twist.”

“I’m now cancer-free, and I learned so many lessons throughout the experience.”

Hialee shares her story because it was a defining moment for her and a proving ground for her innovative approach to incorporating primal movement and vinyasa yoga.

“Cancer didn’t define me,” she says, “because I already had a foundation of health and had created a supportive community. The type of yoga I’ve developed is about more than fitness, muscle, or calories. I have learned through this process that you can’t do things alone. You need a team and a support system.”

Your health is a powerful advantage that can help you create a long, healthy life. That’s what we want to help you discover. Join The Yoga Box OKC to empower yourself to become the healthiest and strongest you’ve ever been. We’re ready when you are!

Lucius Tirey IV, Greenstrength Founder and Lead Strength Coach

Lucius is a highly experienced strength coach known for his expertise in kettlebell training. Drawing inspiration from Soviet and Eastern Bloc training methodologies, Lucius has spent decades honing his physical conditioning and coaching abilities. His mission with GreenStrength, founded in 2013, is to build strength, enhance performance, uplift consciousness, and create a mind-body connection.

At GreenStrength, Lucius believes that mindful movement, real food, and intentionality are the keys to maximum performance and robust health. These principles form the foundation of his program and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who value physical wellness.

In addition to his role as a strength coach, Lucius is an accomplished athlete himself. He has achieved impressive feats, including running a sub-3-hour marathon, deadlifting three times his bodyweight, becoming the first StrongFirst Beast Tamer, and achieving high rankings in Jiu-Jitsu.

What truly fuels Lucius is his work with busy professionals, working moms, and individuals committed to living longer, healthier, and stronger lives. Through GreenStrength, he provides training and guidance to help others achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being.

Join Lucius and the GreenStrength + The Yoga Box OKC community today to experience the transformative power of vinyasa yoga and primal movement training. Discover a supportive and welcoming environment where you can unlock your potential and embrace a healthier, stronger lifestyle.