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Looking for yoga classes near you? What about something even better?

The Yoga Box OKC is known for a unique and innovative approach to strength and conditioning through our proprietary form of Primal Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Because we know every client has their own unique goals and abilities, we’ve broken down our program into classes that address those individual needs.

Our Classes

Slow down and move freely through your joints. Explore your range of motion with active stretching and passive release. Primal movements like rolling patterns and shin box will be added to more traditional yoga postures like pigeon and half splits to create a perfect balance. This class will not only leave you feeling good, our …

Primal Strength is designed to help you achieve the strongest, healthiest, version of yourself. Crawl, swing kettlebells, improve balance, lift weights, ski, row, and more to grow stronger in this full-body experience. Primal Strength is ideal for athletes, runners, yogis, weekend warriors, and anyone who wants to stay active.

Primal Flow is hybrid class consisting of 30 min of conditioning and 30 min of primal movement. The conditioning will use things like kettlebells and sleds to increase your heart rate, creating a fun take on interval training. The flow portion will consist of a sequence of primal movements put together to create a flow. …

Primal Vinyasa Flow

Primal Vinyasa Flow links movement and breath together to detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind. With an emphasis on movement, balance, and intention, this vinyasa flow class is great for all levels of experience. The transitions in this class are fluid and there may be more complex ground transitions involved, however; you can always …

Primal Vinyasa Fundamentals

Primal Vinyasa Fundamentals is designed as a more straight forward vinyasa flow class with basic elements of primal movement. The flow is simplified and less fluid than Primal Vinyasa Flow. Primal Vinyasa Fundamentals is ideal for anyone working with injuries, starting out, or just wanting to move through a more simple flow.

Weekly Class Schedule

The Yoga Box OKC and GreenStrength are a collaborative team dedicated to providing you with a well-rounded movement experience. Our classes combine the benefits of yoga with strength training, resulting in a unique and highly effective training style. We recommend participating in multiple class types to truly benefit from our program.







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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and optimal physical health? Join us this week for one or more of our invigorating yoga and strength training classes. Experience our personalized training approach in a small-group setting that’s welcoming and inclusive.

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