Primal Flow

Primal Flow is hybrid class consisting of 30 min of conditioning and 30 min of primal movement. The conditioning will use things like kettlebells and sleds to increase your heart rate, creating a fun take on interval training. The flow portion will consist of a sequence of primal movements put together to create a flow. It will be broken down and taught in sections, then repeated several times, creating an interval style workout as well. Primal movements consist of rolling patterns, animal locomotion, kick throughs, bridges, and more. This class may not be appropriate for true beginners as the flow portion can be complex. If you're looking to start learning primal movements, start out with a primal strength class to learn the basics or primal vinyasa flow to learn in a slower, more intimate environment. Primal Flow will increase stamina, improve mobility, and introduce an entire new skillset to your training methods.